[Manual]Add Round data

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Golf links information is set beforehand before it goes to the golf course.
The round can be smoothly begun on that day of golf when round data is input beforehand.

Select Round List from the main menu.



The list of the round that has been played before is displayed.
Please press an upper right round add button.
- As much as one round data doesn’t enter when this application is used for the first time.


Each information is input because it changes to the round data entry screen.
First of all, the play day is selected.


It becomes a screen like the left if it touches, and input the played date, please on the play day.
- The input screen of the date displayed according to the Android model is different.



Next, played golf links are touching selected. Then, golf links that become candidates when the key word is input to the retrieval input column are displayed because it becomes a golf links selection screen.



It comes to be able to select the course name and the tea name in the latter half of the first half when golf links and the date are input and it returns to former screen and the screen must change touching.


It returns to the land data screen after the course name is selected, and it becomes it in order of selecting tea next.



Next, please select the weather from eight kinds of icons and input it.
And, it is selected to play together continuously.
- Player 1 becomes an application program owner. It is possible to change by an optional setting in initialization though it is displayed as Owner.

Because the list screen of the player is displayed, it selects it touching. No one is registered in the player list, and push “Player addition” button in upper right, please when you use this application for the first time.

It becomes a player addition screen if the player addition is pressed and input the name, please. Please preserve after it inputs it and press the back button.

It selects and it returns to the round data screen when all people’s registration from which player 2-4 is played together is completed.

After it is checked whether there is input leakage, the back button is pressed because the round data input was completed by this.
An additional display must be done and [raundode-ta] added the return to the list of round list must confirm it.

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