[Manual]Input Golf Score

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The score is input according to the following procedure.

Select [Round List] from the main menu.



The list of the made round is displayed.
Please select the made round from among the list touching.
- Please see the [Add Round data] page when you do not make the round beforehand.


The line of each hall is selected when touching and the screen changes because it changes to the score input screen.




The hall number and the number of pars of the halls are displayed up.
It is correct is confirmed and the score is input.
If the “07″ button in lower right is pushed, it becomes a counter screen though it is also possible to input the score directly on this screen.
It explains the input method of using the counter here.



It is a counter screen. The screen is locked so as not to malfunction pushing the button of the picture of “Key” under the left beforehand and it puts it in the pocket. A left image is not locked.
- It becomes impossible to push all buttons other than the lock in the screen while locking.

Carrying is taken out of the pocket, the key button under the left is pushed, the lock is released, and the shot is counted.

And, it becomes a procedure of locking so as not to malfunction pushing the key button under the left, and putting it in the pocket.
When the cup in is done, the key button under the left opens, releases the lock pushing” button, and does the last count.
It returns pushing “Back” button on the left.
The score input on the counter screen is reflected. (leftmost)

The input does the score of number (putt) of putts and other players on this screen.

When the “Score card” button that exists on the left after completing the input is pushed, it is preserved.

It is confirmed that a correct score enters the score card, and advances to the next hall.
1-9 hall and 10-18 hall
Please switch an upper right “10-18″ (1-9) button to the switch pushing.

The method of inputting the score becomes the above-mentioned flow.
Moreover, [raundode-ta] made by pushing “Edit” button under the left on this screen can be changed.  


When the change of weather information and the player etc. are generated, it is revokable on this screen.

It returns to the score input screen pushing “Back” after it changes.

The number of average putts and greens in regulation until the present for today can be confirmed at any time by pushing the second under the left the analysis button.
- Even after all halls end every one hall, it is possible.  

[Greens in regulation] of this screen can be changed also to the display of a [Green in my regulation] on “Optional setting” screen. (Both displayed settings can be done. )

When “Output” button in lower right is pushed, the score card is displayed as one card image.

The display in the direction of length and which side is also possible.
When “Output” is pushed again on the following screen, the card is preserved as image data.
It becomes possible to append to mail because it can confirm the score card in the photograph gallery.




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